Best Pizza Restaurants in Panchkula

best pizza restaurants in panchkula

Pizza is the new age special food which is evolving day by day. Pizza lovers have a special taste for their pizza cravings. The population of pizza lovers is increasing day by day. Pizza is the best food for cheat days. Pizza can be available near you nowadays due to increased expansion of pizza franchises throughout India. Today will talk about Best Pizza Restaurants in Panchkula or special pizza outlets of the Tricity I.e. Panchkula, Chandigarh and Mohali. The pizza lovers wait for their pizza as a special gift of God to the people who try to forget its taste but that is next to impossible task for them. The taste buds are full of water during the waiting period for the pizza may it be online or an offline order.

wood fired pizza

Best Pizza Places of Tricity

Tricity is full of pizza places but I will recommend you to go to the places which have a genuine great taste. The best pizza places near me-online or offline are:-

1.Rojo Tomate

2.Oven Fresh

3.Harvis Pizza

1.Let’s start with the Best Pizza Restaurants in Panchkula which is Rojo Tomate. It is situated in Chandigarh. They have a specialised dough for their pizza’s and the special thing about their pizza is that they are wood fired. The taste of their food is very special  and is inspired by the true Italian taste. The taste of their pizza and all the Italian food available is good. The most beautiful part is their Italian style of sitting for offline orders.

2.The next place for Best Pizza Restaurants in Panchkula is Oven Fresh. The place has a very different aura and the place is always full most of the time due to too good food available their menu is very big including special desserts and many more items. The pizza is very soft and is easily chewable because of the perfectly baked dough and the flavours of the pizza boost like blooming flowers. The pizza is special and the chef special is even more tasty than any normal one. It is situated in Chandigarh. The level of pleasure that you receive after eating the pizza there is inevitable.

3.Harvis Pizza is also one of the Best Pizza Restaurants in Panchkula as it is situated in Panchkula and one the real food lovers can visit to fulfil their pizza cravings. The best part of having an Harvis Pizza is that it can be customised to use a wheat dough and also the crust could be customised to thon crust or pan base and the veggies can also be added or deducted from the pizza. The place has a small sitting but most preferred way of ordering from Harvis is online. The best in class pizza is freshly wood fired and is served with sauces and various toppings.

Alternatives to these places

The alternatives to these places are many including the big multinational corporations like Dominos, Pizza Hut and La Pinoz. The best part of these alternatives is that they are easily available near everyone and are easily accessible. These can be included in places to go to have pizza but you will get bored after sometime as they have a fixed menu and fixed recipes which make them taste the same everytime. The taste of these pizza’s are awesome but they are not using freshly baked ingredients and also they are having a fixed speciality like crust for Pizza Hut, Sauces and base of Dominos and Ingredients for La Pinoz.

The best part of these alternatives could also be the availability of their delivery at any corner of the world and usually their apps are very good and they help in assistance for food ordering. The prices of these pizza’s are less compared to the freshly made or wood fired pizza’s.

The 30 minutes delivery initiative of dominos make it the first choice of any pizza lover but you should also try something unconventional to feel the real taste of food. Pizza Huts step of opening their outlet store at every big city is also a great move to increase their presence and make it a perfect pizza destination for pizza lovers. La Pinoz making of giant and monster pizza’s is the great marketing step to increase their loyal customer base and they have make this an special feature which unavailable to any pizza shop.

Personal choices for pizza

The choices for pizza depend upon the liking of oneself as some like the crust , some like its toppings, some like the cheese and some like the sauces. The choice of the perfect pizza is different for every person but I will say the best pizza means different for different people but do try these places listed above if you are a true pizza lover and these places will have a different memory for different people.

I have listed mine best pizza experience but you also visit these places and do share your experiences and do write a feedback. Best pizza’s search should never end as it is an active part of lives of every pizza lover.

Do share your best pizza near me-online or offline experience and write your choices in the comments and feedback below this post. Waiting for your mouth watering pizza experience and more than that waiting for your best pizza near me- online or offline experience.

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