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Top 7 Platforms of Social Media

top 7 platforms of social media

Well, the top 7 social media platforms play a significant role in every person’s life. It becomes a mode of communication between people through which they can express their views and opinions. Through, social media pupils keep updated themselves on what is happening around the world. There are many social media platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

List of Social Media Platforms

1. Facebook

2. Youtube

3. Instagram

4. Whatsapp

5. Linkedin

6. Snapchat

7. Pinterest

1) Facebook-

Launched-February 4,2004

Founder-Mark Zuckerberg, Chris Hughes, and Dustin Moskovitz

This has become the most famous networking site for the people. Every type of age group is enjoying this site. Facebook helps people to stay connected with their old friends and relatives. Moreover, people share their pictures and videos on Facebook. It also has gaming options like poker and Ludo which children can enjoy without paying anything. Facebook also helps business people to promote their products and services through Facebook ads. This way, they can increase their sales and expand their business online. Facebook also provides information about current affairs and issues through this app. For instance, a person sitting in India knows everything about crime or problems people face in other countries.

2) YouTube-


Founder Steve Chen and Jawed Karim       

It is a video-sharing platform. Through this, social site platforms people can upload their videos better to target their audience as this is the best platform for users to showcase their talent across the world. It leads to many opportunities and opens doors to success. Moreover, people can subscribe to any channel according to their interests without paying any penny. YouTube plays a crucial role for women who cannot go outside to work as they can upload their videos regarding cooking skills, and online teaching and earn some money by sitting at home only. Furthermore, every person can upgrade their skills by subscribing to any channel according to their wish which helps them to reach their goal.

 3) WhatsApp-

Launched – February 2009

Founder- Brian Acton and Jan Koum

This is an interesting social site among the users. Billions of people are using this site. It helps people to get connected with their family and friends by sending and receiving messages to each other. Moreover, family members can video call their children living abroad with one click if they have a good internet connection. By adding, youngsters also use this site to upload their images and videos as they feel secure it disappears after 24 hours. It also plays a crucial role in student life as they can attend online classes by sitting at home during their vacations. Business people can now send and receive payments through WhatsApp without giving their personal information. People can send their live location to reach their final destination.

4) Instagram


Founder-Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger

Well, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media. People can use this site on their smartphones as there is no need for computers or laptops anymore. Business people can creatively promote their products by adding filters, different themes, and high-quality images to attract their customers. In this way, this leads to an increase in their sale and profitability. There are so many pages on this site that person can follow and buy according to their interest as there is no issue of paying and refunding the money. Youngsters upload their videos by adding funny filters to their stories so that everyone likes them. It also helps professional makeup artists and yoga instructors expand their business by meeting the right people at a low cost.

5) LinkedIn

Launched-May 5,2003

Founder Reid Hoffman and Eric Ly.

This site is very famous all over the world. Millions of people are using this site. This social site platform helps professional people by finding the right job according to their requirements. As everyone knows all companies nowadays are using this site for recruiting their new employees. Moreover, video conferencing is another feature through which they attend their Zoom meetings. It also helps the companies to promote their products and services on their site to create more revenue which leads to many opportunities for them. It is also user- friendly application as employees can install this app in their phones and use it anytime. Employees can upload their resumes as it helps them to get connected with their job updates. LinkedIn also tells about the company’s overall growth which helps the employees to stay updated.

6) Snapchat-

Launched-September 16,2011

Founder-Bobby Murphy and Evan Spiegel

This is also an interesting social site platform among people. Millions of pupil are using this app for their entertainment. Lots of celebrities and youngsters use Snapchat to send messages, audio, and video calls to each other. Moreover, it also has emoji features and filters that a person use to enhance the quality of the image. A person can save every image to their photo memories and take backup whenever they need to. Furthermore, it has an option for subscribing to channels of celebrities through which people come to know about their lifestyle.

7) Pinterest-

Launched- March 2010

Founder-Paul Sciarra and Ben Silbermann

It is one of the most popular websites across the world. It allows users to save and share images and media. This app is also used by teachers to prepare and plan the lessons so that students can view them. It is a good platform as a person can get travel and fashion tips from this site. Business people also advertise their products and services to attract their customers.

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