Top 5 Play schools in Panchkula


Top 5 Play schools in Panchkula – Nowadays, you can see a lot of playschools in every city. In villages, you can say these as Anganwadi. You can send your child to school for 2-3 hours so that he can prepare for his academics and learn other things. In playschool, your child learns and develops many new things while playing. These top 5 preschools in Panchkula help your child develop his skills and learn how to socialize with others. He can make new friends and learn how to mix up with others.

The importance of play school

Playschools are important for your child because they help in your child’s overall development during these years when a child is trying to understand and learn new things. Here are some points which can explain their importance in your child’s life.

  • Playschool can help a child develop his general life skills.
  • They can build a foundation in the pre-academics of your child.
  • With the help of playschool, children become curious to learn new things by playing games.
  • Your child learns a habitual routine of going.
  • If you directly send your child to school, then he can get scared of being separated from you, but if he has gone to play school, then it will be easy for him. So playschool decreases the child’s detachment fear.

Below is the list of the top play schools in Panchkula

  • Eurokids Preschool
  • JPA Toddlers School
  • Blooms A Playway
  • Giggle and Grow Preschool and Childcare
  • Wizdome Preschool and Kindergarten

You can read some highlights about these top play schools in Panchkula

1. Eurokids Preschool

Eurokids is among the top 5 play schools in Panchkula. It is located in Sector 9. This school provides many facilities for their kids, including outdoor activities and games. They indulge your little ones in playing games while learning new things in their lives, which will help them in their next school years. Below are some highlights about this school.

  • It is amongst the best play way school in Panchkula and present in 350+ cities and 3 countries.
  • EuroKids is a branch of Lighthouse Learning.
  • This playschool is India’s largest early childhood and K–12 schooling combination.
  • Its aim is to build a powerful hold for future-generation kids.
  • They provide new-age skills to children.
  • This school provides mindful and innovative modules for grown kids in a homely environment.
  • This branch of pre schools available in Panchkula provides learning based on play methods so that children can engage successfully.

Address: Eurokids Preschool, Behind Sagar Ratna, Opp. H.No. 988, Sector 9, Panchkula, Haryana, 134109

Eurokids preschool


 2. JPA Toddlers School

Second, we talk about JPA Toddlers School, which is also counted among the top 5 play schools in Panchkula. It is located in the centric location of Panchkula, which is near all sectors, so you can send your child to this school. This school also has many up-to-date facilities needed for small children. Teachers in this school are also very cooperative; they know how calmly and sweetly they have to handle these small bundles of joy.

  • This preschool takes care of your child in a refreshing environment.
  • Every child in their preschool flourishes in this homely environment.
  • They nurture your child’s overall development, including emotional, social, and physical, through various playing activities.
  • They encourage children to build relationships with others.
  • They have the best-quality staff who can take care of your child in the best possible ways.
  • In this homely and loving environment, every child feels special and supported.
  • They have three types of schedules: half-day, full-day, and extended-day.

Address: JPA Toddlers’ World School Sector 10 Panchkula, Haryana, 134109

JPA Toddlers School


3. Blooms A Play way

Every parent wants their child to attend a reputable school. Where he can enjoy the time spent and also learn new things. So here we bring you a well-established preschool that comes in the top 5 play schools in Panchkula. In this school, you don’t have to feel any tension about his or her safety. Your child is safe, and you can observe his or her overall development. It is the place where your child learns new vocabulary and new things.

  • The best playway school in Panchkula provides concentration on a child’s curious mind so that he can understand things properly.
  •  All teachers have a chance to discuss any concept from their daily lives.
  •  This school has an indoor play area where children can play with soft toys.
  • They provide music and art classes.
  • Blooms A Playway has a classroom library to create a high-quality early childhood learning experience.
  •  It helps them build a child’s language and vocabulary.
  •  They have expert teachers who can take care of your children in the best ways.

Address: New Choudhary Complex, Sector 12 A, Panchkula

Blooms A Playway


4. Giggle and Grow Preschool and Childcare

This preschool and childcare provides your kids with a warm and friendly environment, which helps nurture their minds. As it is the growing age of your children, you need to take extra care of them. This school gives your children a very loving and friendly atmosphere. They have experienced staff who can take care of your child’s overall development through interactive learning. It comes in reputed preschool and childcare schools; hence, you can count it among the top 5 play schools in Panchkula; it is located in Sector 4.

This school provides four programs.

  1. First is the toddler batch, children from 8 months to 2.4 years
  2. The second is preparation for children from 2.4 to 4.4 years.
  3. Third is evening care for children aged 3.4 years and older.
  4. Fourth is Taekwondo, which includes children aged 3.6 years and older.

Below are some more services you can get in this pre school.

  • Daycare services
  • Online access for parents
  • Separate sleeping room with air conditioner
  • Separate meal room
  • They engage your child in festive and birthday celebrations.

Address: Stella Maris Public School, Mansa Devi Complex, Bhainsa Tibba, Sector 4, Panchkula

Giggle and Grow Preschool and Childcare


 5. Wizdome Preschool and Kindergarten

This school comes in top 5 play schools in Panchkula as it has completed more than a decade in this industry and have earned reputation based on its services. They put many extra efforts in your child’s development and also teachers pay more attention on them. They provide your kids a homely environment so that they don’t feel lonely.

  • This school follows a holistic approach that helps children learn about themselves and helps in their social, emotional, and physical development.
  • Wizdome Preschool and Kindergarten School focuses on the self-control of children, increasing their interaction with others.
  • This play school in Panchkula provides a healthy, clean, and safe environment for your children because they include some activities in children’s daily routine, like listening, reading, dancing, and many more, while playing other games.

Address: Besides Chinar Apartments, Peer Muchalla, Adjoining Sector – 20 Panchkula, Punjab 140603

Wizdome Preschool and Kindergarten


Q1. How can you select the best play school for your kid?

Answer: Every parent wants to give their best to their child. You can select the best playschool for your kids by considering factors like reputation, safety, environment, and learning facilities.

Q2. What extra efforts do play schools do for your children?

Answer: Best Playschools in Panchkula provide various activities like storytelling, art and craft, music and dance, outdoor play, and early learning games in growth and development of your child.

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