What is rainwater harvesting? Advantages and methods of rainwater harvesting

Rainwater harvesting refers to the storage of rainwater rather than wasting it. It is the simple process which is used for restoring water and purifying it. Rainwater is collected from the ground and transferred to tank. However in today’s generation water scarcity has become the most. The rainwater which is stored can be used later during emergency. The biggest rainwater harvesting is in Frankfurt airport in Germany.

Uses of rainwater harvesting

  1. The purified Rainwater which is kept stored can be used for irrigation and for livestock. This water is used according to the needs.
  2. The water stored can also be used for the drinking purpose. This water is purified and then transferred so that everyone can use it.
  3. Due to the low rainfall and low irrigation facilities in some areas people used the harvested for agriculture purpose. This water is used for the growth in agriculture.
  4. The rainwater harvested is used in industry for the technical use. This water is used in machines so as to create the materials.
  5. The harvested water is also used for daily purpose like cooking, bathing, washing and cleaning.


  1. Rainwater harvesting helps in decreasing the demand for water in rural and urban areas.
  2. This process of rainwater harvesting costs less and it is the easiest method for the conservation of water.
  3. This water harvesting method is a simple method and is free of cost. This water is used for many purposes.
  4. This process doesn’t cause any harm to the environment. Its pollution free and does not create any sound.
  5. Through water harvesting, the water is used for irrigation which is the best method.

Types of rainwater harvesting

1.Direct pumped

direct pumped is the easiest way to take water from underground. In the rural areas the underground water is connected with the pump. The water comes out from pump is used for domestic use and also used by the people for the personal use. Water pump is connected with the main point from where water is supplied.

2.In-ground storage

In ground storage refers to the underground storage of water. It is very popular method in some areas where the rainfall is low. This harvested water is used for the irrigation and other purposes where the rainfall is low. This underground water is connected with the electrical pump.

3.Water butt

It is one of the most easiest method of water harvesting. It is the method where the water is collected from the ground by rainfall. The water collected gets purified and then used for watering the plants and also for the gardening purpose.


In the Indirect pumped the booster pump is used for supplying the water. The water which is purified and stored in tanks can used by the booster pumps. The booster pump helps to give the water in pressure and  can be used effectively.

5. Retention ponds

Retention ponds are the ponds which collects the water from the surface of the ground and purifies the water. The quality of water can be improved by some of the natural process. The purified is used for irrigation, livestock and watering the plants.

Ways of rainwater harvesting

1.Rooftop rainwater harvesting

Rooftop rainwater harvesting refers to collect the water from rooftop. The water is collected from the roofs of building and is stored into tanks. The method for rainwater harvesting is not much expensive and is easy to install.

2.Surface runoff harvesting

Through surface rainwater harvesting the rainwater is collected and gets stored. The water is collected from the surface through rain and used for drinking and other household purposes.

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