Most Beautiful States In India

Most Beautiful States In India- India has all from Historical, religious site to hill stations and beaches. India is a country of wonderful and rich culture where people of all kinds of religions live. It would be wrong to say that there is no place for Roaming in India. Every place has its own history, and India is also called the land of gods and goddesses. Lets check Most Beautiful places in India

1.  Himachal Pradesh

Most Beautiful States In India – Himachal Pradesh is one of the most beautiful state in India from the also this is famous for Phari Culture. Himachal Pradesh is famous state of India it is famous for its Spectacular Himalayan natural panorama and hill stations. There are some of the most visited destinations in this hilly state like Dharamsala, Kullu, Atul tannel, sisu valley, Manali. It’s offering undefiled natural beauty.  In this state, adventure can fascinate in a lots of outdoor activities, including paragliding, rock climbing, mountain biking, rafting, heli-skiing and many more.

2. Rajasthan

Rajasthan has major role in most beautiful states in India. This is known for Kingdom of kings and queens culture, a land of empire. Most Beautiful States In India – This is best places to visit in India and most cosmic state by area. The state located on northwest part of country and a home of culture diversity. Its attribute involves the decay of Indus Valley culture, Temples, Forts and Fortresses in nearly every single city. The State was established on 30th March 1949 when Rajputana name as embrace by British Tiara was affiliate into the supremacy of India. Jaipur being the biggest city was announced as capital of the state.

Rajasthan splits into 9 regions. Hadot, Shekhawati, Ajmer State, Mewar, Dhundhar, Gorwar, Marwar, Vagad and Mewat. These are uniformly rich in its heritage and creative present. These regions have an aligned history which goes across with that of the state

Rajasthan narrated the state by itself anonym as Raja – Sthan. The untimely antiquity of Rajasthan enfolded part of the significant Maharanas, Rulers and Nawabs. Well known among them were Prithiviraj Chouhan, Samrat Hem Chandra Vikramaditya (also known as Hemu), and Mughal Emperor Akbar, Maharana Udai Singh, Maharana Pratap, Raja Maan Singh and others.

3. Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is known for its Hindu worshipper’s sites. Rishikesh, a prime main for meditate study. CharDham Yatra is one finest instance of that. Those stony roads are also popular for escapade venture. Some worshippers choose to cover the jangling ground for visiting holy places. Many places to visit in India but Uttarakhand has major role in that. Far away these, you can realize exhilarating and peaceful mount township, cultural landing place, holy towns, and much more. Uttarakhand is the land of place of worship and Highland waterway. You can observe the ancestor of countless waterways here, and those landing place are examine blessed. Uttarakhand is really a most beautiful state of India and most beautiful hill station of India.

4. Goa

Goa is one of the famous and best and beautiful states in India for touristy. It is well known for its seaside, worship places, and moderate way of living. The state has a sticky atmosphere with prosperity of sunlight and precipitation. The seacoast is sprinkle with spectacular seaside, assemble it a popular touristy destination. The state metropolis city, Panaji, is a delightful and well- perpetuate city with interesting dominion architectonics. There are also diverse ancient Holy Places in Goa, Mahalaxmi Temple, and Fort Aguada. Goa is best tourist places in India.

5. Karnataka

Karnataka is all the time on the catalogue as one of the most beautiful states in India. With its luxuriant frondescence extraordinary Holy places, and mouth-watering foodstuffs, it’s no wonder it’s an admired touristy terminus. The metropolis city of Bengaluru. It is home to some of the most magnificent architectonics in the territory, while the rustic zone are flawless for those who fondness Mother Nature. This is a place that has it all. We can say that this is the famous places in India


There are many places to visit in north India. Each state of the country is a vision by itself. Karnataka is admirable for its culture and history. There are unique places to visit in India. Maharashtra is home to assorted ancient cavern and exhilarating hill regions. Punjab is the motherland for Sikhism heritage, and so on. Learn about what each state can offer you at a given month and choose your destination wisely.

F.A.Q’s –

  1. Which time is best time to visit in Uttararkhand?

Ans: – To visit in Uttarakhand June, July is best time the state has splendid weather in all year, apart from that September and October is best time for those who wants to do CharDham Yatra.

  1. Is Dharamshala best to visit?

Dharamshala is one the best city in Himachal to visit, best café to explore in Dharamshala, this mountain city is home of Dalai Lama and Tibetans Government.

  1. For what Rajasthan is known?

Ans: – Rajasthan is known for its Forts, rich culture.

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