Looking for Real Estate Properties in India? Try these WebsitesLooking for Real Estate Properties in India? Try these Websites

Looking for Real Estate Properties in India? Try these Websites

Real Estate Properties in India

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Real Estate Properties in India: In India, The Real Estate Market is growing immensely. People look into real estate properties for not only buying or selling, they look at it as an investment opportunity. Real Estate properties come in several types such as Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and many more. Many online platforms have been developed for property seekers. They provide many tools, and resources for buying, selling, and renting properties on their platforms. Today in this Blog we are going to talk about such platforms.

Famous websites for Real Estate Properties in India

  1. 99 Acres
  2. MagicBricks
  3. Housing.com
  4. Makaan.com
  5. Common Floor
  6. Square Yards

1) 99 Acres –

99 Acres is one of the most prominent platform of real estate in India. Sanjeev Bikhchandani founded 99 Acres in 2005. Their website and application have a very user-friendly and simple interface which is easier for users to understand and navigate. Over the years 99 Acres has earned the trust and loyalty of millions of users. It provides market insights so that users can make good decisions about investing in properties.

2) MagicBricks –

MagicBricks is one of the leading real estate platform in India that provides services like buying, selling, or renting properties. Sudhi Pai launched MagicBricks in 2006. It provides various services such as Property valuation, Home Loans, Free Rent Agreements, Home interiors and inspection, and even vastu services. Users can search properties through a listing process, by location, budget, and property type. It is the most trusted platform that provides buying, selling, and renting properties.

3) Housing.com –

Housing.com is a very attractive platform for homeowners, landlords, real estate brokers, and developers. Rahul Yadav was founded Housing.com in 2012 which later got acquired in 2017 by REA. Housing.com provides a great interface for their users which makes it easy to move on the website. It provides various types of services such as Pay on Credit, Personal Loans, Quick Cash, Housing premiums, Property Management, etc. These platforms provides hassle free moving for buyers and sellers as they also provide a service called Packers and Movers.

4) Makaan.com –

Makaan.com is one of the emerging platforms in the real estate market. Anupam Mittal and Aditya Verma launched it in 2017. It provides a rating system for brokers. They also provide international properties. It is simply a portal where sellers can post free ads about their residential properties and plots.

5) CommonFloor –

CommonFloor is a Real Estate Portal founded in 2007. Sumit Jain, Lalit Mangal, and Vikas Malpani are the three founders of CommonFloor. On 7 Jan, 2016 it is acquired by Quikr. They often launched their projects on building properties in various parts of India. It also provides an area converter calculator on their platform. They provide insights and trends about properties so that users can make a good decision on which property they want to invest.

6) Square Yards –

Square Yards is one of the leading and growing real estate platform where you can rent, buy, or sell properties and plots backed by trusted sellers and developers. Tanuj Shori is the founder of Square Yards. They provide services such as Escrow, Vastu Consultation, and Property Inspection for buyers. Services such as Packers and movers, Home Appliances on rent, Furniture on rent for tenants, and many more. They also have property legal services for their users.

Conclusion :

Recently, the Real Estate Market has been emerging at a very fast pace. People nowadays want to invest in properties and plots that consider various factors such as location, budget, trends, etc. This Blog will provide you with famous platforms that people use to buy, sell, or rent their properties.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Ques. What are the benefits of investing in Real Estate?

Ans. There are many benefits of investing in Real Estate such as Passive Income, Stable cash flow, Tax advantages, leverage, diversification, and many more.

Ques. How does the Real Estate Work?

Ans. Real Estate development is a process that involves the buying and selling of lands, construction, renovation of buildings, and sale or lease of the finished product to the users.

Ques. Which type of Real Estate is most profitable?

Ans. Commercial Real Estate is the most profitable investment because it tends to have higher income potential than other investments.

Ques. What is REITS in Real Estate?

Ans. Real Estate Investment Trust is described as a company that owns and operates real estate to generate income.

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