Best Sports Academy in Panchkula

best sports academy in panchkula

Best Sports academy in  Panchkula -Best Sports academy in Panchkula pertains to any form of physical activity or game often competitive and organised that Aims to use , improve or  maintain  physical ability and skills while providing enjoyment to participants and in some cases, entertainment to spectators. Chandigarh is blessed with many national and international level players. These academies are controlled by professionals and provide professional training to the budding sports persons to excel in their respective games. It helps with some of the best sports academies to help young blood to nurture their Talent.

Cricket ground

Schemes of Academies: Schemes of Academies is a Conductive environment has been provided for specific coaching and training on scientific basis to achieve par excellence at National and International level. The aims of academies is to develop the game of Cricket, Football and Hockey as well as to inculcate the sports culture in Northern Region of India.

Facilities Being Provided to Inmates of Academies:

Facilities being provided to inmates of Academies are free boarding, lodging and balanced diet. Or free sports uniform and allied sports equipment. Free Academics  in Govt Schools including Free Books, Uniforms, Allied Study material and extra Coaching Classes.

  1. Bhaichung Bhutia Football Academy : Bhaichung Bhutia Football Academy Chandigarh has seven centres in history . All the centre Across the country focus on installing the confidence and spirit of teamwork along with making students empowered by polishing their Football skills. It also provide residential training to deserving students. The Training programme comprises intensive training sessions and evaluation is done on the basis of Physical social, tactical and psychological Factors.
  2. Iron wrist Academy  : Iron wrist academy aims to help kids to grow to their full potential both physically and mentally. They trained their students them to do a big things in their life. At iron wrist Academy is not only about Physical fitness but also about learning life skills and qualities which add to overall personality of the children. Our basketball coaching includes physical workouts, focus building exercises and much more so it is clear that kids do not get bored and the process remains interesting. They can want to make them superheroes of their life.
  3. YMCA Chandigarh: YMCA Chandigarh cricket academy is one of the best sports academy in Chandigarh. It is a top category cricket coaching class imparting world class skills to the students. They have established a foothold in the sports academy industry in the city by providing nothing but the best to its students. YMCA offers children aged seven years and above. The sports complex is equipped with all kinds of modern facilities and infrastructure to help students polish their skills in the most relevant manners. It is also offers training I Martial arts, tennis and Kick boxing.
  4. Chandigarh Chess Academy: Chandigarh Chess Academy is the one of the sports that involve more of a mind exercise than physical activity. It helps in developing cognitive skills and sharpens the mind.                                            Chandigarh Chess academy is on such platform that gives players a chance to polish their skills and participate in various state level, national and International level tournaments. The academy offers both practice sessions as well as coaching to those interested in learning this mind boggling game. They hosts various tournaments at all the levels. Some events take place at the academy itself while some takes place at the outside venues. The academy also offers online practice sessions.
  5. Millennium Cricket Academy: Millennium cricket academy is one of the best cricket academies. Its unique method of training players is something that grabs everyone attention. The training is more attractive in nature and ditches the traditional way of grooming players.                                                                                                        The Millennium cricket academy  has ditched the old ways of training and has adopted a unique and robust way that is more interactive and easily understandable by the young blood. The team is equipped with Senior and Junior level coaches. Every week the academy schedules two or three matches to test the skills and performance of the players. The academy offers both Regular as well as private coaching. The academy also has specialist programs for spin bowlers and batsmen and pacers. The grounds of Millennium schools and the academy has groomed many players to upgrade  their skills. The main pitch and the practice pitches are being relayed time to time.


these are the one of the best sports academy in panchkula which helps in delivering outshining sports persons for the country. these help in making the younger generation fit and healthy to make them an active part of the healthy society.

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