Best Online Baking Courses

Best Online Baking Courses 2021

Best Online Baking Courses That Helps You To Be A Perfect Pastry Chef

If you are someone who wants to try his hands with baking and wants to learn this art however is unaware of how to start.  This blog would surely solve your problem. Get to learn the art of baking at ease from your home by joining the best online baking courses available for you.

In the time of a global pandemic, people have started to explore the various aspects involved in baking. Baking at home helps people to satisfy their cravings for baked items such as cakes, cookies, and other bakery items in these uncertain times. 

If you are looking for online baking courses for yourself, then we have curated a list of Best Online Baking Courses which can help you to learn various baking techniques. 

So, are you ready to get started with Baking and Be a Master Pastry Chef?

Here is a guide for the best online baking courses to join. The list has been curated by keeping in mind the following factors:-

   Flexible class timings

    Certified Courses

    Recorded lectures

   Trainer support

  Easy to procure ingredients 

   Interactive live sessions

The Best Online Baking Classes Available Are:-

1.The Butter Book

Best Online Baking Courses

Founded by award-winning French Chefs, the course covers all the elements of the bakery from cakes, cookies, pies to petit fours.

If you’re looking for a course that has a  practical approach and easy-to-learn interface, this suits you the most.

The course focuses on teaching basics about baking before one starts to explore various recipes, textures, and flavours. All training lessons come with complete details of the recipe from the start to the finished products. 

One gets access to a food science glossary and articles from industry experts after joining this course. Most importantly one can schedule classes with the help of a personalized progress tracker. 

The course offers a 10-day free online baking class. Once you get the gist of the course, one can choose from the list of programs specially curated by top bakers in the world

One can subscribe to a monthly pack while yearly packages are also available.  

Link to course: The Butter Book

2. Professional French Pastry Foundation                                                                                                  

  Best Baking Courses Online                                                              

If you are a novice and looking for the best baking lessons for beginners, this course is best suited for you as it covers all the basic fundamentals of French Pastry.

 The course is designed by Michelin starred chef, Chef Philippe Salomon having 18 years of teaching experience in addition to working in the finest French eateries. 

The course comprises 20 pre-recorded lessons covering the important parts of the french baking techniques and authentic french dessert recipes.

Your professor is available to answer questions, give guidance on techniques and suggest substitutes for ingredients not available in some parts of the world.

The course is best suited for people looking for certified online baking courses as the students are given certificates after successful completion of the course.

The package offers lifetime access to the content which can be viewed both via computer and your mobile.

The course is currently available at a discounted price. Enrol yourself soon to grab the last few seats available in the course.  

3. 90-Days Professional Home Baking & Decorating Online Course   

Home Bakers                                           

  If you are a home baker and planning to sharpen your baking skills, this course is best suited for you.

A curriculum curated by 15 award-winning chefs with a common goal to transform home bakers into professional bakers.

The 90 days long course comprises 150+ video tutorials, 30+ hours of Q & A and lifetime access to the content so that one can learn at his own pace. Subsequently, on completion of this course, you become a Certified Home Baker and a Certified Chocolatier. 

Become alumni of the home bakers and connect with like-minded people and get help to grow your business.

The timings of the course are 6 p.m to 7 p.m with limited seats of 100 students. 

4. Learn the Pastry Arts- World of Cookies

Baking Course Online

 What endless magic one can create with flour, sugar, butter, and eggs is beyond imagination. This course is best suited for people who are fond of cookies. 

 The course is the brainchild of Chef Marco Ropke having 25-years of professional work experience.           Chef Marco teaches the recipes in addition to helping you to understand the science behind the art make you learn the fundamental basics to success in the kitchen. 

Every single video of recipes includes a full walkthrough in 720p HD with the videos meanwhile shot in two angled cameras to have a better understanding. 

The course includes 25 lectures, 10 articles in addition to easy-to-follow recipes. Above all the course covers baking basics, cookie fundamentals, and recipes for different cookies.

5. Good Food Baking School             


Wheat, barley and other grains generally contain gluten which acts as a glue that helps in maintaining the shape of the finished product.

Often people suffering from celiac disease develop inflammation in their small intestine as a result of consuming food with gluten . For such reasons, people have shifted to a gluten-free diet.

Here are the best online gluten-free baking classes for people to learn the science behind gluten free-baking.

This is a 4-week long plant-based online gluten-free baking course designed to teach you the basics of gluten-free baking.

It is a fun and stress-free course so one does not need to join any zoom calls as they could learn from the pre-recorded weekly modules. You get lifetime access to the recorded classes for future reference.  

The course is available twice a year however with limited seats available. 

To sum up, if you wish to become a professional Pastry Chef at home, join the best online baking classes available from the recommendations given above.

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