Best Cricketer in India

Best Cricketer in India – We know that cricket is a popular game in the world. It started in England. But this time all countries are playing cricket. Cricket is also a fashion in the present time. When cricket was started, there is no money in it. But this time, the cricketer has more money. All cricketers are rich at this time.
There are many platforms for cricket. When cricket starts, it is played in 50 overs only. But now according to me, there are two types of cricket play. 1st, ODI and 2nd T20. A team plays 50 overs in ODI. I mean Both teams play 100overs in ODI. Now we can talk about T20. A team plays 20 overs in it. And both teams play 40 overs.
Now we will know the best cricketers in India.

Top 10 Cricketers in India


MS Dhoni is the best cricketer in the world. I know that MSD is also the better captain in cricket history. He is not a player, he is the mastermind of cricket. Because he knows about the cricket situation, he won more matches than any other Indian cricketer. Dhoni is also the best wicketkeeper in the world. No one can be like MS Dhoni.
We know that Dhoni is also a good batsman. Because he plays in his style and his style is very good. He came to batting at no.4. He was good at this number. MSD is such a cricket that won all trophies like the ODI world cup, T20 world cup, test matches, etc. He knows as also captain cool. And his nickname is ‘MAHI’. He also won 4 trophies in IPL history. So, we can say that MS Dhoni is the best batsman and cricketer in the world. MSD is the Best Cricketer in India

2. VIRAT KOHLI (Best Cricketer in India)

Virat Kohli is also the best cricketer in the world. He knows as a very good batsman in the world. And Kohli is a no.1 batsman. Kohli plays in classic types. He has more runs in all tournaments. He is also a good fielder. His nickname is ‘CHIKU’. He has the most fan following on social media. He has 230 million followers only on Instagram. He is the most handsome cricketer in the world. Billion people like his bating and enjoy it.


Sachin Tendulkar is one of the Best cricketers in India because all people know him as the god of cricket. He is a wonderful batsman. He makes more runs in all tournaments. He debuted in international matches at just the age of 16 years. He makes more centuries and half-centuries in the world. He has a son, His name is Arjun Tendulakr. Arjun is a baller. And he debuted in IPL 2023 for Mumbai Indians.


Rohit Sharma plays as an opener for the Indian team. At present, he is the captain of the Indian team. He is a too good batsman in the world. He knows as Hitman in the world because he hits more sixes. Rohit Sharma is the most successful captain in IPL. Because he won 5times in IPL history as a captain. He plays well so more people like him too much. We know that Rohit is also a good fielder.


Shikhar Dhawan also plays as an opener for the Indian team. His nickname is Gabbar. He also makes more runs but not more than Virat Kohli & Rohit Sharma. But he is a totally good player. At present, he plays in IPL for KXIP. (Kings XI Punjab). He is the captain of KXIP in the IPL. And he plays a big role in IPL as captain. Shikhar is the most struggling person. He comes from a poor family. But now he is not just a cricketer, he is also a rich person. He is not such make a rich man. He worked hard for the last 10 to 15 years. We can say that Sikhar Dhawan is the Best Cricketer in India


Hardik Pandya is such a cricketer that he belonged to a very poor family. He is suffering from too many problems. But a day comes in his life, and his life is entirely changed. Hardik Pandya plays for Indian team as an all-rounder. Hardik is one of the best all-rounders in the world. He has an elder brother, his name is Krunal Pandya. He is also a cricketer. And he also plays for the Indian team as an all-rounder. He is also a very good player. But Hardik is such a player who has lived as captain in the T20 World Cup 2022. He also plays IPL in team Gujrat Titans as captain. We can say that Hardik Pandya is a very good player in India.


Ravindra Jadeja is also an all-rounder player of the Indian team. He is a good player. And his nickname is Jaddu. He plays a big role in the Indian team. And he is more famous for his field of style. But he does batting, fielding, and balling very well. And his throw is too hard. If Jaddu throws the ball for wicket hitting, there is a 100% chance to hit the wicket by ball.
Jaddu is also playing IPL for the Chennai Super Kings team. And he has lived as a captain of this team in 2022 for 4 to 5 matches. But the captain of CSK is live always MS Dhoni. Ravindra Jadeja such a batsman who make 37 runs in a over in IPL. So, we can say that he is a great player in the world.


Yuvraj Singh is a left-handed batsman on the Indian cricket team. He is a too good batsman. He was also a spinner. But in the present time, he has taken retirement from all tournaments. His nickname is Yuvi. We called him yuvi Pajji from Love. He is such a batsman who hit 6 sixes in an over. That means he hit continuously 6 sixes in 6 balls in the IND VS ENG match. Yuvi is also the face of blood cancer at the time. At that time, he is in form and he plays too well and also made runs for the Indian team. Incorrect, he is a big player.


Bhuvneshwar Kumar is a baller for Indian cricket team. He is 33 years old. He is such a baller who takes a wicket on the 1st ball in a World Cup. He is a good baller. He takes more wickets. He plays all tournaments. And he has lived as the captain of Sun Rises Hyderabad in IPL 2023 for some matches. He plays IPL for SRH. He is the 1st baller on his team. And he also takes more wickets in IPL history. When a T20 world cup in 2023, he plays a big role as a batsman with Deepak Chahar. Bhuvneshwar is also Best Cricketer in India.


KL Rahul is also a too good batsman. His full name is Kannur Lokesh Rahul. He knows as a big hit. Rahul is a big batsman. He also plays IPL. And he plays for many teams in IPL like RCB, PBXI, LSG, etc. At present, he plays for Lucknow Super Giants as a captain from last year. Rahul is a openar in IPL. And he runs and plays his team properly. Totally. We can say that Rahul is a too good batsman. KL is also one of the Best cricketers in India.

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